Sustainability Reports

To detail AWE’s commitment to working sustainably, we release an annual Sustainability Report that outlines how we are working to meet our five sustainability principles:

  1. Operate a healthy and safe workplace with a goal to achieve zero harm to people
  2. Minimise the impact of our business activities on the environment
  3. Benefit the local communities in which we operate and engage in an open and transparent manner
  4. Build a team that is engaged, motivated and rewarded by working with AWE
  5. Deliver superior, sustainable returns for shareholders

AWE provides accurate and transparent reporting of its greenhouse gas measurements to the market through participation in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and to the Australian government through the Emissions and Energy Reporting System (EERS). Click here to learn more about the Carbon Disclosure Project

2016 Sustainability Report (pdf download)

2015 Sustainability Report (pdf download)

2014 Sustainability Report (pdf download)

2013 Sustainability Report (pdf download)

2012 Sustainability Report (pdf download)

2011 Sustainability Report (pdf download)



AWE’s Half Year 17 results: David Biggs, AWE’s CEO and Managing Director, discusses the company’s financial results, operating performance and outlook

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Our strategy of building a portfolio of assets with diversity of product and geography provides us with a level of resilience and flexibility to manage change in volatile markets

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