As at 30 June 2016

Production and Development  
Geographic Area Permit Project/Field Interest Operator
Onshore Perth Basin L1/L2 Dongara, Yardarino 100% Yes
  L1/L2 Hovea, Eremia, Xyris 50% Yes
  L1/L2 Waitsia 50% Yes
  L1/L2 Senecio, Corybas 50% Yes
  L4/L5 Woodada 100% Yes
  L7 Mt Horner 100% Yes
  L11 Beharra Springs, Redback 33% No
  L14 Jingemia 44.14% No
Bass Basin T/L1 Yolla 35% No
Otway Basin VIC/L24 Casino 25% No
  VIC/L30 Henry, Netherby 25% No
Natuna Sea Northwest Natuna PSC Ande Ande Lumut 50% No
Java Sea Bulu PSC1 Lengo 42.50% No
Exploration and Appraisal  
Geographic Area Permit Project/Field Interest Operator
Onshore Perth Basin EP320 Synaphea, Irwin 33% No
  EP413 Arrowsmith 44.25% No
  EP455 Drover 81.50% Yes
Offshore Perth Basin WA-512-P   100% Yes
North Carnarvon Basin WA-497-P   100% Yes
  WA-511-P   100% Yes
Bass Basin T/RL2 Trefoil 40% No
  T/RL3 Rockhopper 40% No
  T/RL4 White Ibis 40% No
  T/RL5 Bass-3 40% No
Otway Basin VIC/RL11 Martha 25% No
  VIC/RL12 Blackwatch 25% No
  VIC/P44   25% No
New Zealand        
Taranaki Basin PEP55768   51% Yes
Java Sea East Muria PSC   50% No
  North Madura PSC   50% Yes
  Terumbu PSC   100% Yes
  Titan PSC   40% Yes


  1. Asset sold, subject to government approval.
  2. The company is also entitled to a Net Profits Royalty at rates varying from 7.5% to 8.3% from the Tintaburra field in ATP 299P. This royalty will be received when gross revenues from the permit exceed the sum of total expenditures from the permit.

Summary of Notable Changes

The T/18P Exploration License was relinquished in August 2015, following the approval of four retention license applications for the Trefoil, Rockhopper, White Ibis and Bass-3 fields; T/R L2, T/R L3, T/R L4, T/R L5.

On 5 May, 2016, AWE entered into an agreement to sell its 42.5% interest in the Bulu PSC, including the undeveloped Lengo gas project, to a subsidiary of HyOil Pte Ltd for up to A$27.5 million cash. The effective date is 1 April 2016 and the transaction is subject to the approval of the Indonesian government.




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