Onshore Perth Basin


L1/L2 Dongara and Yardarino gas field (AWE 100%, Operator)

L1/L2 Hovea and Eremia oil fields (AWE 50%, Operator)

L1/L2 Corybas gas fields (AWE 50%, Operator)

L4/L5 Woodada gas field (AWE 100%, Operator)

L7 Mt Horner oil field (Asset sold, subject to completion)

L11 Beharra Springs, Redback gas fields (AWE 33%)

Location: Northern Perth Basin, onshore Western Australia

For information about AWE’s operations and community activity in the Perth Basin, visit AWE’s Mid West Community website.


North Perth L1L2

AWE Limited and its subsidiary (AWE Perth Pty Ltd formerly known as Arc Energy Limited) have been investing and operating in the North Perth Basin for more than 10 years and have successfully developed a number of commercial oil and gas fields over this time. However the history of oil and gas operations in the Perth Basin extend back approximately 50 years with the first discovery at Yardarino-1. Natural gas was first produced from the Dongara gas field in October 1971.

AWE’s onshore Perth Basin assets, near the town of Dongara approximately 360km north of Perth in Western Australia, include varying AWE and Origin Energy (via Lattice Energy) operated fields and associated facilities. AWE’s interests range from 33% to 100%. Produced gas is primarily processed at the Origin operated Beharra Springs gas plants.

In September 2014, while drilling the Senecio-3 well, AWE discovered the Waitsia field, a conventional gas play in the Kingia and High Cliff Sandstone formations. The Waitsia field is considered to be the largest onshore conventional gas discovery in Australia for the last 40 years. For further information about AWE's development of the Waitsia field click here.

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For information about AWE’s operations and community activity in the Perth Basin, visit AWE’s Mid West Community website.


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