Governance and Ethics

Business Ethics

Treating people and companies with respect and establishing a positive working environment in relation to our business practices is a core tenet of how we conduct our business.

AWE has implemented a range of policies that provide clear guidance to stakeholders on the standards of behaviour that are expected at all times to ensure we conduct business fairly, honourably, with integrity and in compliance with the law in all jurisdictions where we operate, including applicable anti-bribery and corruption legislation. We are committed to ensuring that our employees and contractors act ethically and professionally and recognise the value in developing and fostering a culture of corporate compliance, ethical behaviour and good corporate governance.

These policies include:

  • Fraud and Anti-Corruption Policy
  • Whistleblower Policy
  • Procurement Policy
  • Code of Conduct Policy
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.

We believe that being proactive in developing our business ethics policies and standards will pay off through recognition of the company’s stance on ethical practices, ultimately reward the company, and its shareholders, with improved business opportunities with high quality partners wherever it operates. Better business practices will translate into lower business costs and legal risks.


Corporate Governance is integral to how AWE does business and is a shared responsibility of the AWE team.

We have established principles and policies, including an AWE Code of Conduct, covering how business is to be conducted, and this has been communicated to staff. The Code of Conduct requires AWE staff to act fairly, impartially, ethically and responsibly, and at all times in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in each of the countries in which AWE does business.

The Company also operates in an open and transparent way in its dealings with stakeholders, including shareholders, governments, partners and the local communities and landowners in those areas in which AWE operates.

Please follow the links below for further information regarding the framework to which we adhere:

  • To view our Corporate Governance Statement please click here.
  • To view our Code of Conduct details please click here.
  • To view our Charters of Board Sub-Committees please click here.
  • To view our Company Policies please click here.
  • To view our Constitution please click here.

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