Building a sustainable future

AWE is committed to ensuring that our exploration and production activities are sustainable so that we can deliver positive long term outcomes for the communities in which we operate, the environment and our shareholders.

Energy is an essential element in most forms of modern human endeavour – from simple cooking, washing and heating through to complex manufacturing, health services and public transport. Ensuring a sustainable energy future is critical to the continued development of our society.

Maintaining AWE’s ‘social licence to operate’ depends on our ability to continue to not just meet regulatory standards, but also to meet our own high standards of health and safety, environmental management, diversity and community engagement.
As part of this commitment to sustainability, AWE builds relationships with local communities and engages with a wide range of stakeholders, particularly in regions where we operate.


AWE’s Half Year 17 results: David Biggs, AWE’s CEO and Managing Director, discusses the company’s financial results, operating performance and outlook

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Our strategy of building a portfolio of assets with diversity of product and geography provides us with a level of resilience and flexibility to manage change in volatile markets

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